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10 St George's St, Tenby SA70 7JB, UK

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Pipers is a Restaurant located in Tenby, To learn more about the Restaurant, the Restaurant's website address is .

If you wish to book the Restaurant you can book the Restaurant by phone using the following phone number 01834 842678. To request further information by email Please visit the Restaurant's website.

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Jessica De Sousa Costa - Good potion sizes and reasonably priced meal here! The guy who served us was very friendly with a good sense of humour. Chips were lovely! And so was everything else. Drinks where a tad small but enough. Recommended. overall 4.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 15/6/2018

Andy P - Nice fish and chips freshly cooked and at a reasonable price too. Very happy. overall 5.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 12/6/2018

val edmunds - The tastiest cod we have tasted in a long time chips were good too . service was excellent and very friendly would advise you to visit there overall 5.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 22/5/2018

Rebekah Morgan - I Came to tenby last weekend for my birthday, and decided to look for a local chippy to enjoy with my family, once I entered the chippy there was 1 person infront, I was waiting 20 minutes for them to be served their food, as they were serving the restaurant their food first, which was fine, but by this time the que behind me was out the door, once I had been asked my order, the women behind the counter carried on taking the whole line of people's orders, this had taken an extra half an hour, and then started on them, but was going to serve the smallest orders first, the friend I was with spoke to myself and a lady behind, just saying it would be easier to serve 1 customer at a time, once she started to do our order, I asked if she would please put both our orders in one bag, she then slammed the bag onto the counter, and said if we didn't like her service then we need to leave, I was in shock at the attitude so stayed quiet while my friend responded that we were just stating that there was a big line of children and people waiting for their food and there could have been an easier way to do it, she then replied to my friend with more disgusting attitude ! She threw our food onto the wrappers and stuffed them in the bag and dumped them on top, I felt humiliated and disgusted that I didn't even want to eat there anymore, there was also a man on duty who seemed to be the manager, all he did was to tell his staff member to calm down! I was shocked, i will most definitely not be returning here and will inform my family and friends, sadly ruined a lovely family day out. overall 1.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 12/5/2018

Keith Harrison - Excellent service & value for money. Friendly service. With generous servings. The fish and chips with a large amount of gravey. Is ample for most people. Indoor & outside eating. On the hottest day of the year. It's simply a must. The staff deseve top marks. overall 5.0 out of 5
Rewiewed on 28/8/2017